2018 Complete List Winners of the Georgia’s Official State Fiddlers’ Convention Held During the Georgia Mountain Fall Festival


Hiawassee, Ga. (October 20, 2018) – Contestants young and old from across the country gathered at the Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds during the annual Fall Festival to compete for Georgia’s annual Official State Fiddlers’ Convention.  Winners were declared in a variety of categories including Fiddler, harmonica, buck dancing, dulcimer, dobro, old-time banjo, senior fiddler, junior fiddler, bluegrass band, finger-style guitar, flat pick guitar, banjo and mandolin. 

2018 Winners

Beginning Fiddle (Age 15 and younger)
1st Place: Kate Ward - Kuttawa, KY
2nd Place: Ty McMeans - Athens, AL
3rd Place: Jake Atherton - Anderson, AL

1st Place: Rob Pearcy - Smyrna, TN
2nd Place: Jesse Payton - Leitchfield, KY
3rd Place: Gene Pendley - Canton, GA

Buck Dancing
1st Place: Ivy Phillips - Chapmansboro, TN
2nd Place: Deb McCarter - Sevierville, TN
3rd Place: Linda Richter - Milledgeville, GA

1st Place: Rob Pearcy - Smyrna, TN
2nd Place: Ben Johnson - Martin, GA
3rd Place: Pat Van Gorder - Rockdale, TN

1st Place: Ivy Phillips - Champmansboro, TN
2nd Place: Rob Pearcy, Smyrna, TN

3rd Place: Andrew Dowling - Spartanburg, SC

Old Time Banjo
1st Place: Elliott Sperin - Clarksville, GA
2nd Place: Rob Pearcy, Smyrna, TN
3rd Place: Kyle Jarrard

1st Place: Ivy Phillips - Chapmansboro, TN
2nd Place: Tim Laughlin - Bristol, TN
3rd Place: Greg Fleming - Cherokee City, GA
4th Place: Johanna Buggay - Woodstock, GA

1st Place: Jesse Personeni - Fiddletown, CA
2nd Place: Warren Carnes - Dalton, GA
3rd Place: Trevor Holder - Ringgold, GA
4th Place: Allen Shadd - Lake Wylie, SC

Guitar – Flat Pick
1st Place: Allen Shadd - Lake Wylie, SC

2nd Place: Greg Fleming - Cherokee City, GA
3rd Place: Ivy Phillips - Chapmansboro, TN
4th Place: JRob Pearcy - Smyrna, TN

Guitar – Finger Style
1st Place: Allan Shadd - Lake Wylie, SC
2nd Place: Steve McKoy - Columbia, SC
3rd Place: Rob Pearcy - Smyrna, TN
4th Place: Juddah Buggay - Woodstock, GA

Bluegrass Band
1st Place: Dixie Jubilee - Woodstock, GA
2nd Place: Coyote Ugly - Kingsport, TN
3rd Place: Toy Heart Boiiz (Boys) - Ringgold, GA
4th Place: Pine Ridge - Blairsville, gA

Junior Fiddler (Age 59 and Under)
1st Place: Ivy Phillips - Chapmansboro, TN
2nd Place: Bill Jones - Covington, GA
3rd Place: Jacob Johnson - Lincoln
4th Place: Isabella Cowart - Longview, TX

Senior Fiddler
1st Place: Marcia Denton - Murfreesboro, TN
2nd Place: Charles Chandler - Weaverville, NC
3rd Place: Tim Laughlin - Kingsport, TN
4th Place: Stan Lee - Buford, GA

Georgia Mountain Fiddle King
Ivy Phillips - Chapmansboro, TN

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