2023 FAIR
Aug. 18-26
Fairgrounds Regulations


Contact Fairgrounds Office at 706-896-4191
Ambulance: 911
Sheriff's Department: 911

General Rules and Regulations

  1. Pets are NOT allowed in the event area, but are welcome at the campgrounds! Domestic pets must be kept on a leash at all times. Campers are expected to pick up after animals.
  2. Firearms, fireworks, or other potentially lethal devices are not permitted on Park Property.
  3. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in all public use areas of the park.
  4. Children should be supervised by an adult at all times.
  5. Dishwashing is prohibited at drinking faucets and comfort station facilities.
  6. Garbage and trash should be placed in bags and placed in dumpsters near dump station.
  7. Wildlife and plant life on the park premises are for you to enjoy but should not be disturbed.
  8. Motor vehicles should be used in the park only when necessary. No driving on streets unless licensed driver, including motorcycles. Golf Carts are strictly prohibited (Exceptions will be made for handicap access to comfort stations ONLY, MUST DISPLAY HANDICAP TAG).
  9. Jackstands should have flat bases or wood supports between jacks and pavement.
  10. Positively NO fires allowed on pavement, in grass, or around picnic tables. Fires are allowed in fire rings only.
  11. No tent camping allowed in area II.
  12. Tent sites are available in area I. No camping allowed outside site areas until all camp sites are full.
  13. One camping unit and one vehicle are allowed per campsite, unless additional vehicles are registered in the campground office. Additional vehicles should leave grounds prior to 10 P.M. Additional camping units sharing the same site will be charged the usual campsite fee.
  14. During Georgia Mountain Fair activities, visitor vehicles to the campground will be charged $2.00 by the parking attendants.
  15. No camping other than in designated sites unless arranged by campground personnel.
  16. Absolutely no camping near comfort station. Quiet time is 10:00PM till 7:00AM. Disruptive noise or behavior is prohibited. Violators will be asked to comply or leave the campground.
  17. Health department regulations require that all waste water be collected in suitable containers and disposed of at the dump stations.
  18. Security Guard on duty is for the safety of you and other campers on the grounds. Campers must respect, obey and comply to all requests made by Security.
  19. Georgia Mountain Fair reserves the right to change or add any rule without notice.